Get Vastu Consultation From Experts.

Get Vastu Consultation From Experts.

Virtual Vastu Consultation

We combine Astrology with numerics to arrange your space and the geometry of the Cosmos in string.

Vastu, or the science of Indian architecture, is an ancient term that combines science, art, astronomy and astrology. From the Vedic ages, Vastu Shastra has been a significant and reasonably-believed science that promotes peace and harmony in a building environment with the help of specialised practices.

Lands and Homes is a unique platform offering holistic Vastu solutions for modern buildings, including residential, commercial, and office spaces. Supported by our in-house Vastu specialists, we commit to improving people's life, happiness, well-being, and financial status through various disciplines, i.e., Vastu design, proportions, management, layout, ground composition, geometrical data, etc.

Get our virtual or face-to-face Vastu consultation and follow the guidelines to make your infrastructure Vastu-compliant. We convey happy and successful outcomes with every Vastu consultation we offer!

Reasons For Vastu Consultation

Bringing in Good Fortune
Improves health & progress

Outlaying properties accurately as per the Vastu advice online can help in bringing good fortune to the space.

Spreads Positivity
Eliminate negative energies

If your home is constructed compliant with Vastu Shastra, it will keep negative energies from your residential environment at bay.

Keeps Negativity at Bay
Drive positive ambience

Our specialised Vastu experts assess and offer effective remedies to spread positive energies that make a happy place.

Harmonising Energies
Maintain healthy relationships

Vastu remedies through consultation help declutter unpleasant vibes and achieve healthy relationships with each other.

Healthy Relationships
Set energies in line

Vastu consolidates the elements of nature and aligns the energies.

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Steps of Lands and Homes Vastu Consultation Process


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Select the package as per your convenience and have your Vastu activities done.

We Have Solutions for All Real Estate!



Positioning your flats on the northeast and eastern sides and adhering to our Vastu recommendations and guidelines will help you bring fortune, positive vibes, and prosperity.


As per Vastu Shastra, an apartment with a northeast or east-end entrance is said to provide great luck and positivity.

Independent House

If you are building your own independent house from scratch, make it on the northeast side for the area's fortunate circumstances and positive energy.


A bungalow's building shape should be square or rectangular in any direction according to Vastu plans.

Farm House

The primary structure for the farmhouse should face southwest, west, or south on the property. According to Vastu, you can build cottages everywhere on the property.


For penthouses, the south and west directions are ideal. Constructing it in the east or north direction might give you less equilibrium and a perpetually tense atmosphere.


Office Spaces

Position your accounting department on the southeast corner of the workspace to promote an abundance of wealth and business growth.


According to Vastu, the northwest is the strategic site to lay final products and ensure a constant flow and mobilisation of them for a sales spike.

Hotels and Restaurants

For the best use of the space, a hotel or restaurant should have the kitchen in the southeastern direction and the doorway on the east or north end.


In order to draw customers and positive energy to the shops, Vastu Shastra advises that the store owner sit inside facing either north or east.


When constructing the entrance, leave some room in the northeast or east for concentration and to bring positive vibes to the zone.

Lands and Plots

According to Vastu, commercial properties and plots should face north, which is considered lucky and beneficial for businesses